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      Simple introduction of Heze TY New Energy Co.,Ltd

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               Heze tianyu new energy technology Co,.Ltd, is committed to the development, production and sales of green energy. Products covered by the nickel electric, lithium ion rechargeable batteries and battery pack. Heze tianyu company is located in heze city development zone industrial park shandong province ,founded in 2012, the registered capital of RMB 10 million,covering work-shop 66666 m2. The total invesment of this project is $3.2. Lithium battery divided into two phases. First stage starts from November 2015 with daily capacity 5000pcs of 18650 battery, including dynamic type and power type. The second stage of the project is to be put into production at the end of 2017, with daily capacity 200000 pcs. Now we has 405 employees, including 19 senior title technical experts. Our products have been proved by the international certification authority of the ROHS、CE、MSDS and UN38.3 certification. Products are mainly used in electric vehicles, electric bicycle, electric tools, electric storage, street light, electricity, communication base station, power energy storage equipment, military equipment and other fields.

      The research and development department has doctors, masters and senior engineers. Company has the independent lithium electricity experiment center(provincial engineering research center), equipped with the most advanced in the world of SEM, XRD and ICP-master, laser particle size analyzer,etc. Analysis of testing equipment. The company has high capacity, small internal resistance, good consistency.

      In the company's development plan, the company adhere to the development direction of green energy. To develop circular economy and green economy as an opportunity, to strengthen the technical innovation as the means, to consolidate and expand the lithium ion battery advantages, actively develop other new energy products, strive to build highly efficient, high quality, high-end modern new energy industry system. To build the company into a well-known international and domestic first-class comprehensive new energy enterprise. Companies adhering to the integrity, innovation, cooperation, win-win concept, in production, adhere to the high standards,fine,zero defect quality requirements, cooperate with customers both at home and abroad, the symbiotic win-win situation.